CP Physical Therapy understands that our patients often find us after a painful injury, surgical procedure, traumatic accident, or after suffering ongoing pain. We take time to get to know our patients, their lifestyle & priorities, and their goals for treatment in order to design a highly individualized program to help them regain and improve their quality of life. Our programs are most successful when there is a great deal of trust between our provider and patients, so we take great care in earning that trust and ensuring patients always feel safe under our care.

We utilize a variety of treatments and modalities when appropriate to make sure that physical therapy services stay engaging and patients remain motivated. We are constantly evaluating new research and proven approaches to treatment and making sure our patients have the benefit of the most up-to- date methods and treatment options.

Some of our commonly utilized methods include combinations of the following:

Manual Therapy – joint mobilization, soft tissue massage, and neuromuscular techniques

Therapeutic Exercise – specially targeted exercises to build strength of muscles and joints. We demonstrate proper technique and form to help prevent re-injury and give patients a program to follow at home to help maintain and improve results.

Dry Needling – thin needles are inserted into trigger points within muscle groups to relieve pain, reduce muscle tension, and improve communication between nerves and muscles. This technique requires extensive additional training and is offered by CP Physical Therapy.

Close-up of laser treatment at physiotherapy office

Ultrasound – helps to deliver heat therapy deeply into muscles and joints via sound waves. This increases blood flow which can decrease swelling and promote healing.

Heat & Cold Therapy – heat and cold can be applied to the skin to increase or decrease blood flow to muscle groups as needed. Commonly used to decrease swelling, promote healing, and provide comfort, heat & cold therapy may be advised for home use as well.

Iontophoresis – uses electronic currents to get pain relief medications deep into tissues to remove excess fluid that may be causing pain.


Phonophoresis – uses ultrasound to push a medication such as hydrocortisone deep into musclTENS treatmentes. This is proven highly effective in increasing blood flow to injured areas, helping to repair tissue faster and decrease swelling.

Electrical Stimulation – painless electronic pulses are transmitted through the skin to help your body produce its natural painkillers, reduce pain & stiffness and promote healing.

Kinesio Taping – proper placement of specialized tape can help activate certain muscle groups, reduce swelling, encourage proper mechanics and reduce scar tissue formation.